Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Banana Bread

Does that count as bread?

We had some overripe bananas so I made some bread .. I used pecans instead of walnuts.  Turned out to be a good thing because we gave one loaf away and one of the recipients had a walnut allergy ..

Got the recipe from here.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

June wrap up - July goals

We're well into July, but there's no time like the present to update last month and set goals for this month.

1 - Start quilt for Nate - NOPE
2 - Work on baby quilt (8 more blocks) - NO
3 - Do couch to 5K - no promises on how far I get - worked on. Got to Week 4, Day 1.
4 - Meet step goal 3/7 days

     Wk 1 - May 28 - June 3 : 3 of 7
     Wk 2 - June 4 - June 10 : 5 of 7
     Wk 3 - June 11 - June 17 : 2 of 7
     Wk 4 - June 18 - June 24 : 3 of 7
     Wk 5 - June 25 - July 1 : 1 of 7

5 - Make a new bread - Nope but I did make pretzel bites (well that was for July 4th)

6 - Make blue elephant(s)

Goals for July :

1 - make some quilt blocks
2 - start Nate's quilt
3 - Couch to 5K
4 - meet step goal more often than not (so at least 16 days)
5 - start a biography
6 - get souffle pan

I expect work to be really crazy for the rest of this month and next month too, so I don't want to set myself up for total failure ...

Saturday, July 8, 2017

New Hike #3 - Garin Regional Park

In early June, my OD came for a very quick visit.  While she was in town we went on a new hike, to Garin Regional Park


The two girls, and Max.

The three of us.

There was a big hill to climb up ... we made it to the top .. except for my husband.  He stopped about half way up and waited for us to come down.

Not a great walk.  Probably wouldn't do it again.  But it's one to add to my list.

Napa (yet again)

So, before Nevada left for Washington, we took one more trip to Napa together ... We visited all of our normal haunts, Mumm Napa, Raymond, and Merryvale, but we added a new one : ZD.

They have an outrageously expensive blend called Abacus that we tried .. it was good (but not that good -- we should have asked the price beforehand).

However, we sat on their patio for about two hours, mostly by ourselves and relaxed.  That was really nice.

ZD was actually our second stop of the day -- we had our bubbles first ...

Took a look around the art gallery that they have at Mumm and checked out their barrel rooms.

and our final stop at Merryvale ... you can't tell from this shot so much, but the glass on the right was HUGE.

Then we had dinner at Tra Vigne Pizzeria.  They have the best mozzarella .. to die for.

And that was our day .. it was a very nice trip.  Hopefully we'll have more when she comes to visit, but until then, I've got a wonderful memory.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Saying Goodbye

I'm really not good at saying goodbye.  I hate it.

So anyway, my friend Nevada is moving out of the area to take a job with Amazon in Seattle.  Yay for her!  It's a wonderful opportunity and one that she would have been a fool to pass up.

She left yesterday -- to Seattle, by way of Nevada.

I am going to miss her so much.  I know we'll still do things together, but (obviously) it won't be the same.  We have spent so much time together over the past few years -- with cocktail Wednesdays, hikes on Saturday mornings, Doctor Who on Friday evenings, and plays, and concerts, and walking across bridges, and Gallifrey One ... and we've also been working together so there are lunches and walks and working late and leaving early ...

There are so many things that she introduced me to .. sushi, wine, Hamilton, Doctor Who .. to name a few.

Looks like I'm going to have to be traveling to Seattle .. can't be good-bye.  It'll have to be "see you later."

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

May Wrap Up - June Goals

Okay. So. My May goals were a total bust.  I didn't do any of them -- oh, except I made four blocks for the baby quilt.  

1 - Make quilt for Nate - Nope
2 - Work on baby quilt - barely
3 - Sew 15 minutes a day (3x week) - Ha
4 - Complete week 4 of couch to 5K - no way
5 - Meet step goal 3/7 days - not even close, only 6 times the entire month.
6 - Make a new bread (biscuits) - No :(

So let's make a better effort for June ...

1 - Start quilt for Nate
2 - Work on baby quilt (8 more blocks)
3 - Do couch to 5K - no promises on how far I get
4 - Meet step goal 3/7 days
5 - Make a new bread
6 - Make blue elephant(s)

I've been working on getting on the treadmill regularly - I'm shooting for 3 days a week, but no promises there.  I also am trying to have a "no bread" and a "no sugar" day each week.  If they work, I'll expand to more days.

Here's a picture of the blue elephants that I've cut out .. now to make them.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Jiu Jitsu and Art & Wine ...

This past weekend, my two oldest grandsons attended their first belt promotion (I think that's what it's called).  It was held in Livermore (same place I found the rattlesnake a few weeks ago).  Here are some pics.

Before getting their belts, they had warm-ups - just to give us a taste of what they do.

Here they are with Grandpa and their certificates of promotion .. so very cute (auntie is in the back photo bombing ..)

the whole gang .. but of course I didn't get their faces ... what's up with that?

and the other boys were there as well. but first dad hamming it up ...

After the ceremony, we went to the Livermore Art &Wine Festival.   #17 on my list.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Quick Question

for which I don't necessarily expect an answer, or any answers for that matter ....

lately, when reading articles on the internet, I am having trouble figuring out when.  There don't seem to be dates posted or published or whatever it would be.

I read a touching article about a man who had lost his sister to cancer, he said that this was his second Easter without her.  I tried to find out if it was this year or last or 10 years ago.  There was no date anywhere, that I could find, to tell me.

Has anyone else noticed this?